About us

Sticky Sweaters' vision is to offer timeless, environmentally friendly and quality knitted men's sweaters. The brand draws inspiration from the Nordic climate and wants everyone to have the opportunity to find their favorite. Whether you are hiking in the woods, going to work or hanging out with friends at the local bar, Sticky Sweater is the obvious choice. The idea for the brand was born in 2016 in a sunny and warm Amsterdam, Holland. I went into one of the city's many small shops. After a few minutes, a knitted sweater was purchased by me. It is precisely this sweater that would soon change my life. During the remaining days in Amsterdam, the sweater is used extensively and many fond memories were created. On the way home, something happened that was not allowed to happen - the luggage was not on the conveyor belt at the airport. After a couple of days of waiting, it was clear that the luggage, with the sweater in it, had disappeared. 

A bit into 2017, I came to think more and more about that knitted sweater. The initial idea was to look up the small local Dutch store again to buy a new sweater. After countless searches in cyberspace, it turned out that the store was shut down, as well as the clothing brand that made the sweater. They hade all gone bankrupt. There I stood alone in the big city with only the memory of a perfect sweater. The thought struck me: why not start your own clothing brand in your hometown of Gothenburg? A new Swedish-designed sweater brand for men? A brand that is made in Europe? A brand that thinks about sustainability and the environment throughout the process, from picking the cotton plant to putting on the sweater? Is it possible? Is it even possible?! Of course it is possible. 

The result is Sticky Sweater 

/Dejan, Founder